•  Fresh ‘Capella’ Turkey 4 Kg. To 6 Kg.
•  Lemon juice from 2 to 3 lemons
•  Butter or Olive Oil
•  2 onions, peeled and cut in half
•  Salt and Pepper to taste
•  4 carrots
•  Bunch of celery


Step 1 : Defrost the Turkey (see instructions)
Step 2 : Remove Giblets for making stuffing
Step 3 : Pre heat oven to 180ºC
Step 4 : Wash Turkey with water, rub lemon juice inside. Rub salt inside
Step 5 : Place the onion halves inside the Turkey along with the carrot, celery and some coriander. Close the cavity with a skewer.
Step 6 : Rub salt all over the outside of the Turkey
Step 7 : Rub melted butter over the outside of Turkey and sprinkle some coarse pepper
Step 8 : Place the Turkey BREAST DOWN on a rack in the pan
Step 9 : Place Turkey in a pre heated oven and roast at 180ºC. for about three hours. Check with meat thermometer. Breast Meat Temperature 70 Degree C and , Leg Meat at 75 Degree C .
Step 10 : When ready, remove from oven, allow to stand and then carve
Step 11 : For stuffing see separate Recipe.