Type – 1


175 G. plain flour (Maida)

150 Ml. Boiling water

2 tablespoon oil (Til)


Step 1 : Place the flour in a bowl. Pour in the boiling water slowly and make a warm dough.
Step 2 : Knead for two minutes and then stand for 10 minutes. Shape the dough into a 2” diameter roll. Cut the roll into 12 mmthick slices
Step 3 : Brush one side of each slice with sesame oil and lay another s slice on top of it with the oiled surfaces together (like a sandwitch)
Step 4 : Roll the double piece out from the center on a lightly floured surface and make a 125 mm diameter chapati. Make as many as the dough allows
Step 5 : Make chapattis on a Tava. Turn over when one side is done
Step 6 : Pull the two pieces apart into separate slices
Step 7 : Fold each piece into a half circle on the side brushed with oil
Step 8 : Pile the Pancakes on a plate and place in a steamer for 10 minutes
Step 9 : Bring to the table immediately for wrapping up pieces of duck and Accessories.

Type – 2 


2 ½ cups ( 310 g.) plain flour

2 teaspoons Castor Sugar

1 tablespoon sesame oil


Made same as Type – 1, but NOT steamed Or They can be made in advance and kept covered in a cool place.They can be reheated in a sealed aluminium foil or steamed just before Serving.