The Capella Brand is owned by James Smith Foods Pvt. Ltd., who set up their first Turkey Farm in 1994, in Saswad, near Pune, India. James Smith Foods is owned by Zaheer Vakil, a businessman with varied interests in construction, automobiles and gourmet food. Zaheer is a gourmand and well-known for his penchant for quality and service standards.

Our Meats

Apart from Whole Dressed Turkey, James Smith produces High quality Turkey products, such as sausages and various Cold Cuts. Turkey Meat is one of the healthiest meats available. It is low in fat and has very little Sodium and cholesterol and is always recommended by Doctors to their patients with heart problems.

We also offer processed high quality Chicken products, such as sausages and Cold Cuts of various types, using only best, prime chicken cuts.

In the year 2001 James Smith went in for Duck rearing, and soon set up a complete modern state of the art Hatchery and International standard breeding Pens at a different location, separate to their existing farm. Here we started breeding our own Ducklings.J- Capella Entrance

Our Ducks are of the Pekin variety and are of the very best quality comparable and equivalent to any International quality. Our dressed Ducks are sold frozen all over the Country.

Guarantee of Quality

James Smith is a professionally run company with very strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Our products are transported in our own -refrigerated vehicle, and all necessary safeguards are built into our systems at all stages.

Our Farm

Our Farm where we rear our commercial stock of poultry and Turkey is located in Saswad near Pune.

Animals need to lead healthy, comfortable lives. All of our birds are reared in large, airy, well-lit pens whose concrete floors are covered with clean, dry rice husk fresh each day. They are provided with a constant supply of natural, balanced feed, the main ingredients being wheat, corn and soya, mostly grown in surrounding areas. All feed grain is bought individually and is mechanically blended in our own premises, adding all the required nutrients, oil, mineral and vitamins. In this way, we are assured complete control over our feed and we are certain that there is no dilution or adulteration in the feeds. Water for drinking and preening is constantly available in the pens in channels and ponds.

By limiting exposure to pathogenic bacteria and viruses, our birds grow strong and healthy without the need to use antibiotics or other medications. Trained and experienced stockpersons check the well-being of the ducks continuously according to a detailed code of practice.

Our Duck Breeding Farm is in another location, South East of Pune. We breed our Ducks and Turkey and Chicken using sophisticated means of nutrition, husbandry and selection.

In terms of performance, a high standard of management in husbandry is provided, to maintain our flock in good condition; with special attention being paid to the application of controlled feeding, accurate body weight and light control.