Nutritional Facts: Concern about saturated fat and cholesterol have caused many people to reduce or eliminate red meat and to choose a healthier alternative such as Turkey . Compared to other meats, turkey has fewer calories and less fat, less cholesterol and very little sodium. It is also high in proteins, vitamins and minerals .

Refrigerator Thawing:
Placing a frozen turkey in the refrigerator is a reliable and safe method for thawing is highly recommended. The turkey should be kept in its original wrapper during the thawing process and it should be placed on a platter to catch any juices that may leak from the package. Thawing the bird in the refrigerator may require several days, especially if the turkey is a large size, but it is absolutely the safest method for thawing. The cool temperature of the refrigerator (usually no higher than 6 Degrees C ) discourages the growth of harmful organisms in the turkey as it thaws. Up to 10 hours defrosting time, per kg should be allowed to properly thaw the turkey. The required time may vary because of the individual temperature settings of different refrigerators.

Recommended Refrigerator Thawing Time:

4 to 5 kg frozen Turkey

Allow 1 to 2 days
Cleaning Turkey:

After the turkey has thawed, the packaging is removed. The neck and the giblets are usually found inside the body cavity so these can be removed and discarded, or if they are to be used, they should be washed with cold water and patted dry with paper towels. The turkey should be thoroughly washed inside and out with cold water and then patted dry. Proper food handling practices must be followed during the preparation of the turkey.

The raw turkey, giblets, and their juices should not be allowed to come in contact with any other food item. After handling the raw turkey you should thoroughly wash your hands.

  • Set oven at 345 Degree F (160 Degrees C) and preheat.Higher temperatures will make the roast tough and lower temperatures are not advisable. Place Turkey on a rack in a baking pan.
  • To prevent the roast from sticking to the pan put a few slices of buttered bread under the roast. Roast open or covered loosely with foil.
  • Season with Salt, pepper, a little garlic and onion (unstuffed turkey)
  • Cook continuously, do not interrupt the cooking. Baste occasionally.
  • When ready, remove from oven and stand for 25 to 30 minutes before carving.
  • Roasting Time for an average Capella Turkey weighing 4 .0 to 4.5 kgs will be about 2 hours and 45 minutes at a temperature of 174 Degree C .


  • To Remove Turkey Leg, force it outward with a carving fork, then cut between thigh and body and through joint. Cut drumstick from thigh through center joint.
  • To carve a leg, hold it with carving fork and slice thigh and drum stick meat parallel to the bone.
  • To carve breast, make a horizontal cut above wing joint along the leg of the turkey, right upto the bone.
  • With knife blade parallel to rib cage, cut thin slices, Continue slicing, starting a little higher each time. Cut off wing.